We have placed thousands of youth and adults from around the world in a wide variety of custom-built programs, with participant size ranging from 1 to 265.  We operate primarily in Utah, USA.

Although most of our programs are 7-10 days in length, we have run shorter programs and some as long as 4 months.  We have partners ranging from ESL schools to universities to companies.  Program content for youth has included emphases in:

♦ Leadership
♦ Cultural awareness and communication
♦ English as a Second Language (ESL)
♦ College preparation
♦ Nature/environment, including overnight camping trips or excursions
♦ Business visits
♦ Total homestay immersion
♦ Volunteer work
♦ Sightseeing

We have worked with large and small companies as well as government entities and individuals.  We take the time to understand what each client needs and wants, and work to building a total program that meets or exceeds expectations.  We love to hear our clients say, "WOW" for what we are able to do for them!  Adult program emphases have included:

♦ Specialized ESL preparation, such as pre-patent law, accounting, fishing, pre-MBA classes
♦ Specialized study in such fields as automobile mechanics, elementary education, English, nursing, and physical therapy
♦ Homestay with families with similar business interests and background
♦ Business visits and occupational shadowing
♦ Fishing, boating, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and other excursions
♦ Sightseeing and shopping