For Host Families

Small World Link (formerly operating as Selnate International School) has been providing top-quality homestay for youth, college students, and business professionals since 1986. We have hosted thousands of international students from around the world in a variety of settings and programs. We provide outstanding communication and support to our host families and do our best to ensure a wonderful experience for both student and host family.  Many host families host again and again, and stay in touch with their past students even after they return to their home countries.

We carefully screen families for suitability for each program, and each family receives an onsite evaluation regularly.  We then match each student carefully with a family and take many factors into account when matching to maximize the possibility of success.

We are currently searching for host families for upcoming programs and would like to invite you to consider hosting. Host families are compensated for their time, meals, transportation, and efforts.

Here are our current openings:

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the current outbreak of coronavirus in China and the travel restrictions put on incoming Chinese nationals to the U.S., our China and Taiwan groups have cancelled, and the Japanese group coming in July has postponed with no date yet.  Keep an eye on this webpage for updates.


  • June 18-July 8, 2020
  • (20 nights)
  • 12-18 years old, male or female (one gender per family)
  • DOUBLE PLACEMENT ONLY (single placement NOT an option)
  • Daily transportation to/from Utah Valley (TBA) required; carpooling encouraged
  • Sack lunches on program days ARE REQUIRED
  • $800 per family (not per student)


  • July 21-August 3, 2020 (CONFIRMED)
  • (approx. 10 nights)
  • 15-18 years old, male or female (one gender per family)
  • SINGLE PLACEMENT ONLY (required by the school)
  • Daily transportation to/from Utah Valley (TBA) required; carpooling encouraged
  • Sack lunches on most program days ARE REQUIRED
  • About $275 per family (not per student), depending on exact number of days


  • October 26-November 3, 2020
  • (8 nights)
  • 13-15 years old, male or female
  • SINGLE PLACEMENT ONLY (required by the junior high)
  • Daily transportation to/from Utah Valley (TBA) required; carpooling encouraged
  • Sack lunches on program days are NOT REQUIRED (4 program days in all)
  • $225 per family




To apply:

Click here to download a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) application. Please PRINT it, FILL IT OUT, SIGN IT, and then SCAN and EMAIL it back to us at homestay(at)

For more information and/or questions contact us!

Pass this information on to friends and family in Utah County! Recruiting your neighbors means more opportunities to carpool!



Here’s what past host families have said:

Thank you so very much for this program, it has blessed our lives more than could ever be communicated… Our family will never be the same.  Thank you for all the time and efforts that go in to having the students come and preparing all the activities, host families, and everything you do unseen,  you are changing our lives, and we are eternally grateful.  Blessings on you as you continue in these wonderful programs. – Rosalin N.

We had a wonderful experience with S. and our week with him.  He was very pleasant, polite, and wonderful to have in our home.  We thought the whole experience was well organized and great. – Leslie L.

We all thoroughly enjoyed having E. stay with us in our home.  Our kids had so much fun doing things with him and getting to know him.  There didn’t seem to be a language barrier because they had so much fun together. We noticed that by the end of the week he was understanding English much better.  The kids have plans to stay in touch with him by email and possibly Skype and are hoping he comes back next year.  They all miss him a lot.  It’s amazing how close you can get to someone in such a short period of time.  We must add that E. was very polite and kind and expressed his appreciation for everything we did for him. Thank you for this wonderful experience.  We appreciate all that [you] did to guarantee that it was a good experience.  We also appreciated the nice meal and program provided for our family.  The only thing we would have changed with our experience was the length of it.  We would have enjoyed and would have been willing to have E. stay with us for two weeks – which wouldn’t have been long enough for the kids.  If they had their way they would want us to “adopt” him. – Emily H.

It was our privilege to have T. in our home. It will be a memorable time in our lives and we will seek to continue our friendship in the future. It is our hope that you will contact us for future opportunities to be a host. We hope that their experiences here in America will establish stronger relationships between our countries and its citizens. We thank you again for all of your efforts and for the benefits we received of having T. as part of our family! – Steven A.